The Missing

Alyssa Hoyt's sister Alison disappeared without a trace. Twenty years later, the abductor is at it again. Several children go missing in the same manner as Alison did. There are no clues. Only one person can help bring them home. Alyssa. Alyssa has a special talent. She can see the kidnappings and the abducted children. The problem? She can’t see who is behind it.

Alyssa doesn’t tell anyone about the visions because who would believe a psychic? She is determined to solve the case of the missing children and hopefully find out what happened to her sister in the process.  When another child goes missing, she takes what she has to the police, where she meets Detective Darren West. 

Detective Darren West is intrigued by this mysterious private investigator that stormed into the bullpen demanding to help solve the string of missing children. The case is at a standstill, so he agrees to go over the information Alyssa gathered. Things start to heat up in the case and he worries that Alyssa may be in trouble.

Can Alyssa help the police catch the kidnapper and solve the disappearance of her sister? Or will she become another statistic?