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Changes in Books
Black Zodiac will no longer be a 12 book series. Instead it is a collection of short stories together in one interwoven novel. It isn't what I had been planning, but it will be epic. I can't wait to get it out for you to read.
I have also changed the name of the book The Coming. It is now called Valhalla Rising and will follow the journey of a Valkyrie. I love the new direction this book is taking. I plan on having it available before Penned Con 2019.
Lexington Legendary Book Bash     Lexington, KY               
March 23rd, 2019
I will be attending Lexington Legendary Book Bash on March 23rd, 2019. I am so excited to be going to this event. It is my first out of state signing. There will be some amazing authors there that I am excited to be meeting along with an awesome party afterwards. I am hoping to see you there!
Penned Con 2019     St. Louis, MO       Sept. 12-14, 2019
I am pleased to announce that I will be attending Penned Con 2019. Last year was so much fun that I booked my table as soon as I could. I will be sharing a table this year with the ever-so-talented and my best friend- A. Maslo. There are going to be some amazing authors there this year. See you there!
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