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A guard. A princess. A forbidden love.

Tobias fell in love with his charge, the princess, Malina. Things quickly turned disastrous after the king learned of their love. Tobias, imprisoned, and tortured within an inch of his life was only spared by his friends to enlist him for his services.

Five years passed since that day. Tobias quickly grew to be the best assassin, known around the land as Reaper. He’s sent on a mission that will change the course of his life once again- kill the royal family of a distant kingdom. What he finds in that castle stops him in his tracks, and when he fails to complete his mission, someone else steps in to finish the job.

Malina, known to the villagers as elusive and uncaring, is anything but.  Surviving years of abuse at the hands of her husband, she’s had enough. One night will change everything.  After being accused of murder and imprisoned, she escapes only to return to the castle to prepare it for the rightful ruler.  Can she get it ready in time or will her enemies take over and steal the technology to help bring them out of the dark ages?

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